Hello Families,


The school holidays have come to an end and I hope you all managed to have some sort of rest, despite the conditions our town has been faced with, and I hope you are all well and safe.


I am beginning to start to think about the show and how next term is going to work. It is a giant puzzle and I would really appreciate everyones feedback, availability and or concerns in the matter. 


I feel strongly that due to the hard times we have had, I think the show will be a great uplifting event for the children and the whole community. I understand some children have moved schools, started school and there are new students waiting to start dance, so I have tried to come up with a solution to get the show up and running again. 


I propose a show for Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March. 


Please let me know ASAP if these dates are suitable for you, not only for your child but as a helper.  With out the backstage help, the show will not be possible.

If too many people are unavailable I can push back another 2 weeks to avoid markets in the theatre. 


Next week starting Monday 3rd February I would like to do a costume fitting for all students, so this will give us time to make any adjustments or re order costumes as children may have grown over the summer. 

Then the following 3 weeks we will have rehearsals in the Theatre before the show, to get the dances back into our heads. 

I am currently working on a timetable for these sessions, and am working closely with Miss Jarrah, Georgie and Dannielle as some of their situations have changed, so there may be a few day changes for some groups. I hope to have this out by tomorrow at the latest, so we can all get back into some kind of routine. If any parents are availble to help with costume fitting and adjustments that may be needed, please let me know.


After the show we will then have a new timetable for the new year and welcome new students from Monday 2nd March. Children can then move up classes and / or start new ones if they like. 


If those show dates do not work and I need to push it back, these dates will change and I will let you all know as soon as possible.


I appreciate everyones understanding and urgency in response to this message, so I can get the ball rolling again and give the kids something to look forward to. 


Looking forward to hearing from you

Miss Emma 


Did you know your child is entitled to 2x $100 active kids vouchers per year and 1x $100 creative kids vouchers per year?? To apply simply click on the links in the pink squares and once completed, send me the voucher number and this can be taken off you invoices through out the year!!! 


We are recalling any unwanted costumes from previous shows, in an effort to raise money for this coming show, bring back your old costumes, that are in good condition, and we can either re use them or sell them on to put towards our fundraising efforts. Bring the costumes in to your next dance class. This also includes old dance shoes that don't fit! Don't forget, Every dollar raised, is a dollar off your end of year show invoice, so get involved! 

Please check out our shop at the dance studio for second hand shoes, clothes and tights. If you can't find what you are looking for please click on the picture to visit the website of Dance Direct, it is one of the most reasonably priced online Australian dance stores around

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