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Did you know your child is entitled to 2x $100 active kids vouchers per year and 1x $100 creative kids vouchers per year?? To apply simply click on the links in the pink squares and once completed, send me the voucher number and this can be taken off you invoices through out the year!!! 


We are recalling any unwanted costumes from previous shows, in an effort to raise money for this coming show, bring back your old costumes, that are in good condition, and we can either re use them or sell them on to put towards our fundraising efforts. Bring the costumes in to your next dance class. This also includes old dance shoes that don't fit! Don't forget, Every dollar raised, is a dollar off your end of year show invoice, so get involved! 

Please check out our shop at the dance studio for second hand shoes, clothes and tights. If you can't find what you are looking for please click on the picture to visit the website of Dance Direct, it is one of the most reasonably priced online Australian dance stores around

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